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Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds

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Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds comprises of Little, Andy Bishop (White Ash Falls, Twin River), Cody Hiles (The Zolas), and bassist Mike Rosen (Dead Quiet). Little previously played in bands as a drummer, and when she picked up a guitar, she reached out to her friend Andy Bishop to teach her a few tricks. Songs began pouring out of them, and drummer Cody Hiles and bassist Mike Rosen got involved.

Known for their garage-pop songs that unflinchingly tackle drug addiction, mental health and heartbreak and yet, despite the heavy subject matter, the group’s soaring choruses and loud guitars mean that the mood is cathartic rather than heavy with a sound that blends searing distortion with aching pop hooks and a psychedelic wash of reverb.

Waiting to Get Paid is Alex Little [...]

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